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Farmer Geddon

3 Nuns

One Friday, there were 3 Nuns travelling on a mountain road.

They were going around a corner when a semi rammed into them head on, [no pun intended], killing them instantly.

When they arrived at the gates of heaven there was a sign that read:

"Closed for Refurbishment".

One Nun knocks on the gates and out came St. Peter.

He said, "What are you lot doing here! No one is supposed to be here! We are closed this weekend for refurbishment!"

The Nun replied, "Well, we're dead and we can't go back."

"Ahh, right," said St. Peter. "OK - What I can offer is to send you back for the weekend as whoever you wish to be and then we'll accept you back into Heaven on Tuesday..."

The Nuns look at each other, mumble together, then turn back and say" OK - Agreed"

So St. Peter stares at the first Nun.

"Okay, who do you want to be?" he asks her.

"Well, I thought her life was very interesting especially since she gave her life to God, so I want to be Joan of Arc."


The first Nun temporarily becomes Joan of Arc...

"Okay, You're next," as he looks at the second Nun, "Who do you want to be?"

"Well, I thought her life was very interesting and she died a tragic death, so I want to become Marilyn Monroe," pronounces the second Nun.


The second Nun temporarily becomes Marilyn Monroe.

"Okay, who do you want to be?" St. Peter says to the third Nun.

"I want to be Alice Kapipelean."

"Excuse me?!?" asks a confused St. Peter.

"I want to be Alice Kapipelean!" exclaims the Nun.

St. Peter rifles through the book of life, looks perplexed, and replies, "Pardon me Sister, but we have no record of any Alice Kapipelean being on earth,"

"There is TOO an Alice Kapipelean and I have proof right HERE!!!" shouts the Nun, handing him a ripped out, crumpled magazine article.

St. Peter takes the offered crumpled paper sheet and reads it.

"Oh my, Sister!!" he exclaims.

"You have misread this article.

This article states that the Alaska Pipeline was laid by 500 men in six months................" Forum Index -> Jokes
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