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A sign of the times

After the horrendous Oklahoma tornado, a reporter asks one survivor a predictable question and gets a very unpredictable answer. You wouldn't have seen this just a few years ago!

This brave lady said what she did and in Oklahoma of all places: there are as yet no confirmed reports that she has received threats of physical violence, rape and death, as have others in the same position.

Leonard James

Here is a little more about the lady :-

The Pew survey found that 74 percent of unaffiliated adults were raised with some sort of religious affiliation.

Vitsmun is one example. She was raised Catholic but began to question those tenets by the time she was 14.

I decided it was impossible for the god that I believed in to condemn billions of people in Asia, Africa and across the world to eternal damnation for not knowing who Jesus was, she said.

I decided that all religions were worshiping the same thing as long as they believed that good was the thing to strive for. When I was 19, I decided that not understanding where my personal faith led was unacceptable and began to seek. My path led me to atheism in my early 20s and humanism in my mid-20s.

I still believe that as long as people believe goodness is the thing they are striving for, then we are on the same page.

It is heartening to read such reports. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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