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Are there wrong/mistaken/untrue ideas in theology?

And how is this decided?
Leonard James

Since there is no objective evidence that any gods exist, it must follow that all ideas about such entities are liable to errors.

Deciding what they are depends on the individual's ability to think rationally.

Given that there are discrepancies across all religions - somewhere, some have to be mistaken.

From my childhood, on a Sunday, all the churches piled out at the same time. It was the biggest traffic jam in the town on a week. One church, no one wore hats - the next one, you wouldn't see a woman without a hat.


When you actually sit down and talk to people, the similarities are remarkable. Even Hindu's talk about a single entity from which others emanate. Which is why I believe God exists - but we all interpret or hear him in the way we understand, an understanding which has distinct cultural bias. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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