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Farmer Geddon

Are you still curious?

Nasa's Mars rover Curiosity has found clear evidence its landing site was once awash in water, a key ingredient for life, scientists in California say on Thursday.

Who gives a shit whither John Terry is an overpaid Racist Twat?

I've been following this.

There has been reasonable evidence from Mars Missions for the last 10 years that the planet once had water - although there was a recent paper suggesting that the features could have come from lava action.

I'm hoping they will send a mission to one of the poles, as there seems to be good evidence that there is still water locked in ice. This could be used to support a base.

Base? Ah, now you're talking - humans on Mars. I do wonder if I'll live to see the day - if I have a normalish, average lifespan I might have another 40 to 45 years to go so it's possible. Technologically such a mission is already feasible: we know how to shove stuff up there so that's not the obstacle. What is, quite apart from the gazillions and squillions of dollars it would take in a world beset by recession, is the fact that it would be a suicide mission for the astronauts involved. Travel time to the red planet depends on its distance from the Earth (obviously), its position in orbit around the Sun, the trajectory used and so forth: this means that it takes at least 4 months and as long as 9 months to get there. This would mean that any craft would be bathed in colossal amounts of solar radiation against which no amount of shielding could protect those inside. It's difficult enough to do but achievable - just - sending people to the moon; sending people to Mars - forget it. They'd go and they'd get back, but they'd be under sentence of death.

That and all the other many problems will be conquered one day, I'm certain of it: nobody knows when, that's all. I don't think it's that far away, but unlike some I'm not in the predictions business and wouldn't dream of saying when. I'd love it to be something I could see, though. Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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