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Best film 2013

One of my promises to myself this year was to get out to the cinema more. So with that in mind I signed up with our local independant cinema 'Broadway' for a years membership.

Anyway today I went to see a film called "Lore" which is a german language film (altho mysteriously an Australian/German co-production).

The story is about a young woman possibly 15 or 16 who has to get her younger siblings to a grandmother in the north of Germany from Near Munich in the south, at the end of the 2nd world war.

It is an outstanding piece of film making. The contrast  between the beautiful German countryside and the atrocities hidden therein are very striking. The actress who plays Hannelore is quite, quite brilliant.

If you can stand a small proportion of true horror this film is well worth seeing.

I'll have to look for it. I went to see Les Mis a couple of weeks ago, and it was an excellent film. Forum Index -> Hobbies and pastimes
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