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Someone calls at your house to talk Jesus with you. What do you do?

Depends if the hose is connected to the outside tap or not  

Seriously, just politely say "No thank you, but thanks for calling" and leave it at that.

Ok... I'll tell you

Many years ago I had a pet rat, who used to sit on my shoulder and go with me everywhere round the house. (And often in my pocket when I went to the shops).

One day, I answered the door to a couple of JW's... forgetting momentarily that the rat was on my shoulder.

JW: Excuse me my dear, but could we take a moment to talk about the bible with you?

(At this point I noticed that they were both eyeing my shoulder rather warily, and I had noticed the Watchtowers in their hands...)

Me: Certainly. And may I introduce to my familiar?

Rat and I watched them walking back up the path very quickly....

Aw, another rat fan  

I have debated religion with JW's and mormons but they are such apologists that they twist what the bible says and every time they are struggling, they just change the subject. I have caught them out in lies a number of times (Noah's Ark found. British museum does tours showing how history backs up the bible, etc).

Lorna. I'd like to have been there to seen that.

I'm afraid I tend to say something to get rid of them.

Strangely enough the most effective was, "No thank you."

I did have to point out to the JW's a few months ago that there was no point in knocking on doors on Sunday morning, as those who were not in church would be in bed (we were en route to church when we met them).

I have tried answering in a different  language - that tends to work as well.

Vous etes tres, tres mechant

Είστε μαλάκα; Τι λες;

Well, quite.

I wonder if they've ever called on an insurance man who has then tried to sell them insurance? Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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