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Christmas Thread

I'm afraid I'm not one of those who likes a bit of tinsel sticking out from a shelf all year round, so I've removed the Christmas thread. I'll put a new one up just before Advent starts, and may put a Lent thread up soon.

Any other suggestions on new areas, changing areas etc... Would be welcome.

Yer but Lexi, nows the time to start shopping for next christmas, cheap cards cheap tinsle, lets face it everybody bought their easter eggs in december so we're now into next christmas.

bernard (hug) Smilie_PDT


The snow's gone and that's the end of the Christmas thread. Now there's only the miserableness of summer for me to dread (it probably shows that I'm not a fan).

Still, if we're all spared in health and strength, the Christmas thread will revive in about ten months' time, and thanks to this lovely site we know that as of today there are only 331 days to Christmas 2013  

Sometimes you guys worry me...
Farmer Geddon


All we will do is resurrected it in October, with all the same tat Asda start rolling out in August!!

Atheists, good grief, such a bleak picture they paint.

This time, I'm with F.G!

I can't wait to put the lights back on me tree  

Some folks around these here parts never take them down.

Ketty wrote:
Some folks around these here parts never take them down.

Oh don't Ket, I left mine up the year before last, well when they are not lit they are hidden in the tree, but they were a bit pathetic when I switched them on the next year, buried in the branches and all sorts, you know what they say, idle hands make more work, and I did    

Gonna perhaps, cut the thing back this year, perhaps have it down altogether cept it's a bit of a tradition since I move here and I do like a good bit of light during the dark days, bit of a S.A.D merchant.

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