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CTMB After Dark

Could we have a section where we can continue interesting discussions going on on the CTMB when it shuts of an evening?

I am sure many people from there are frustrated with the early closing time. So could we have a dedicated part here which is centred on those discussions?

Likewise where we need to post things which the beeb disallow. Like Latin, or liableness?

I was interested by the Karen Armstrong thread but had to catch an early train. And I have loads to say which I will forget when my head is rebooted tonight.

I think there might be something in this - the shut-down at 6pm (or 5pm at weekends) is one of the more irritating features of the CTMB (amongst many others!).

Views, troops?

Don't see why not.


Good idea.

Might be worth posting a link to the originating thread for those who don't frequent the Beeb Boards.


Sure, good idea.

I shouldn't post on the BBC as much as I do during the week days, because I 'should be working' or some such nonsense.  It's opening times are very annoying. Forum Index -> Suggestions
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