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Re: Blimey!

Rose-Mary wrote:

Whatever will they think of next?


Oh for heavens sake - what the heck is 'perfect' supposed to mean anyway? Defined by who - Hollywood? Fashion designers? The porn industry?

Oh, of course - we women just aren't perfect enough as we are. It is simply not enough to be your friend, your wife, your mother, your sister, your companion; none of these things are valuable enough for society... unless we fulfill all these roles whilst looking absolutely perfect in a society where 'whats perfect' is moved and shifted and redefined until you would have us nip, tuck, snip, cut and remove (or add) from or to us until who we are is lost in a sea of paint and plastic.

Well s*d that!

*ahem*.  Personal gripe.. I shall just climb down off my high horse now...  
Judders Lady...

Don't know what the fuss is all about.

It is the women who have asked and paved the way for this to be done.
Nothing to do with men just how women feel about themselves.
It is 2009 what do you expect?

No one is forcing them, it is there choice.

Women have the right to do whatever they wish to their bodies.
I think air-brushing on film and in magazines of womens bodies is wrong.
Because it makes people think that everyone else has a perfect body but them. I get more annoyed with that type of thing as yoiung teenagers tend to read them and think theit bodies are imperfect.

Love JL.xx

Ok - yes yes, the whole 'its their choice really' thing.

Sorry but I just don't buy it - these women don't put themselves through what is almost always major surgery because they are happy in their own skin, but because they have long since bought into somebody elses idea of what a woman 'should' look like.

Yes of course the women have asked for this surgery - so what?

It doesn't make it right.  

I get more annoyed with that type of thing as yoiung teenagers tend to read them and think theit bodies are imperfect.

Yes - generation after generation of teenagers who have grown into the women who start asking for this sort of operation.

Wait till it all goes really techno - 'I don't like who I am, can I have a whole new personality downloaded into me so I can be somebody else please?'


They also suggested that any pain apparently caused by protrusion may well have a psychological root - noting that male genitalia protrude far further without causing major discomfort.

Yes, but we don't sit on ours all day!  


I'm not a fan of any cosmetic surgery - with the exception of work to restore (post burns, cancer etc...)

I would address these things through counselling. Why do people feel the need to do this?

Perhaps we need to be concentrating on teaching people to enjoy life for what it is? Or is that too revolutionary?

I'm with you on cosmetic surgery for no good reason, with the obvious exceptions (by which I mean surgery for obvious problems like burns and birthmarks and so on - "proper" medical reasons). Obviously people's money is their own to spend as they please and there's nothing wrong with wanting to make the best of yourself, but for myself, I'm sufficiently squeamish and/or old-fashioned to still think that operations are for when you're ill.

People should be free to mutilate themselves to look like whatever they want; tattoos, piercings, implants, scarification whatever, that's their call.

However, there's little doubt in my mind that the insanely over the top presentation of women in the media (almost all media) has made many more vulnerable women deeply insecure (if not batshit insane), and I think that has been done with a degree of cynical manipulation.

Women tend to the the main motivation behind purchases (try watching the adverts one evening and seeing what percentage appear to be aimed at women) and this is just another attempt to milk cash out of them.
Judders Lady...

If you had read it properly, you would have seen  why women were having it done. Nothing to buy!, but the truth that they were uncomfortable when in the saddle etc. It does explain...

If you had read it properly, you would have seen  why women were having it done.

I saw why some women were claiming they had it done; I saw what seemed to me to be an attempt to slap a rational sounding excuse onto a aesthetic choice.

Protruding genitals aren't really a big problem if you are riding a bike, so this cosmetic surgery is nothing more than an aesthetic choice. Nothing wrong with an aesthetic choice; that's why we dress, pierce, tattoo, have our hair cut in particular ways and so on, but this whole “I need it because my self esteem is affecting my mental health” or “because it makes it uncomfortable to ride a bike” argument is absolute crap. Forum Index -> Health
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