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I read this with interest Roses.

What strikes me is the amount of baby/child medicine which contains paracetemol, without being called paracetamol, like Calpol for example.

Calpol is seen as a miracle product by parents, for teething infants and those with a fever, it is particularly difficult sometimes. I must admit that I worried that MrsAndy relied too heavily on it with Heather, until I heard stories from other people and realised we didn't use it that much at all.

But, just because it isn't called - paracetamol, doesn't mean that it doesn't contain it. I did hear that paracetamol never completely leaves your liver. It is filtered out and a residue remains. A far more dangerous drug than we would think, particularly being as you can buy a bottle for 30p at the newsagents.

Apparantly if you wish to commit sideyways using paracetamol you have to have the right number. Too many or not enough will not do the job. If you manage to get it right, along wioth strong drink, you will eventually die from renal failure. You will pass your renal system out. Makes you wonder why paracetamol and a bottle of vodka is deemed to be the most popular way to end it all. It certainly isn't a very pleasant way to go.


Honestly, my first thought is that children who require a lot of fever-reducing medication generally have lots of colds and upper-respiratory problems, which is the cause of the fever in the first place.  

I wonder if the 200K subjects were carefully controlled, such that only those who received this amount for non-fever-producing reasons, like teething were observed.

My guess is they did not, and that the asthma just happens to be a development that follows an infancy with lots of colds and upper-respiratory problems. Forum Index -> Health
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