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Hello and welcome

Are you a refugee from the Beeb?
Samuel Vimes

Isn't "Farmer Geddon" the current BBC ID of ?

The Duckster?

If so - Welcome Back
Samuel Vimes

Judders Lady... wrote:
There is a virus on the forum avg showed it me and dealt with it.
I would be careful if anyone logging on does not have protection.
I am not sure why but it has shown twice. Once when I logged in and then when I went to the bear pit. Must be careful whoever put it on.

Actually I have AVG too and I have had this warning as well. I suspect that it may be something in a banner advert as it doesn't always flag up on the same pages.
Farmer Geddon

Samuel Vimes wrote:
Isn't "Farmer Geddon" the current BBC ID of ?

Yup it is....  But I'm hoping Admin is on the case and sorting it out.... I don't want two logins thank you very much... I have enough problems with just the one...
Farmer Geddon

Right then...  I'm officially back.

Where do you want me to start?


Farmer Geddon

Awww  Fuck...

I was under the impression that apart from Digital Spy and the BBC board Lynne had nowhere else to peddle her stupidity/insanity...

Looks like I was misinformed!!

She's not been banned (possibly as she apparently has a fluctuating IP address, so it's impossible to pin her down), but when she makes herself known, Lexi deletes the post. It's a bit like whack-a-mole, but that's what she decided to reduce herself to.
Farmer Geddon

Well have you not noticed her mentalist threads on the BBC of late..

She needs help..

But personally - I have been playing on the DS threads since my sojourn from here..  with the occasional dipping toe in the BBC site.

Imagine my surprise when a poster called "Rainbows end" joined DS after JL got lexied from here - Ohhhh she tried to be subtle.. but as soon as I called her out she went on a typical weird Lynne defensive:

So I'm going to have to remove myself from DS and the BBC and lurk here instead..
Farmer Geddon

Thanks SAMUEL HARRIS for the PM...

Need I say more?
Farmer Geddon

I know you are going frantic to get DS to remove your threads and try to get them to ban me now SAMUEL - but guess what...  

I don't care..

The fact that you're "both" going frantic is enough for me....  



Farmer Geddon

Yeah... whatever....

I can be a thread killer here and there if I so chose...

Just pray that I don't contribute any more to the only 'forum' left open to you... I will take you down with me..

Go on forum - admit it...  you miss these pointless little spats!!

Farmer Geddon

Keep denying it Lynne - if it gets some DS'er here out of curiosity and contribute to the member list then it's a win situation as far as I'm concerned!!  

Farmer Geddon

Ohh SAMUEL HARRIS - what do you call yourself now ?

I believe it's Ever been had and that doctored photo - where has that gone?

Lynne you are so transparent I'm surprised you don't call yourself the Holy Ghost...


Stopping in to shout out a welcome here!  Welcome back, Duckie!  Forum Index -> Just joined? Come in and say hi
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