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Re: 9/11

That's a stunning piece of work, Floo - and very dramatic.
I remember my Mum was watching Gloria Hunniford on Channel five ( I was doing the washing up - what else are men good for?) when the newsflash broke.
When that first fire was raging, it was bad enough - but when the second plane hit....
I still cannot understand the mindset of those people as they piloted those jets.
I hope I never will.

It is a great picture.

I too clearly remember the day. I was at home with my eldest, who was then very small.

I had a phone call to turn on the TV - and found every channel was broadcasting the same thing. Then I watched as the second plane flew into the building, and all I could think was - this can't be real? People don't fly planes into buildings outside of films and books. It took a long time to get my head around what had happened.

It was just over a month after my mum died: I'd been out for a (rather nice) pub lunch in a nearby town with my dad and aunt, and afterwards - it would be early afternoon our time so I'm not wholly sure the second plane would even have hit by then - wandered into a bookshop (surprise surprise ...). Behind the counter the bookshop owner was listening to the radio: while I was browsing I idly asked him what he was listening to and he said that it sounded as though maybe a plane had accidentally crashed into the World Trade Center, but nobody seemed to be too sure what was really going on. Every time I hear something about 9/11 I think back to browsing in that bookshop (no longer there) and the owner with his radio.

Sad news, but at that time possibly a tragic accident and no more and not something I thought about very much until I got back home and turned on the telly ...

I was in work. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that rather than horror at the loss of life (that was to come later) my initial response was fear of what America would do by way of blind panicky retaliation. I thought nuclear weapons were not unlikely.

We were on the beach in St Ives, Cornwall.  I'd returned to the hotel room for something: briefly put on the TV, and saw it all happening - my first thought was that it was a peculiar film to be broadcasting at that time of day.  I returned to my hubby to tell him what had happened . . . there was a stunned 'coming together' of everyone on the beach - everyone lost for words, but with a real sense of community.  The next day there was a lot of activity from the Life Boats and Coast Guard's helicopter, etc. Forum Index -> Gallery
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