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Dave B


Since there is not a "Questions" or "Help" topic, Lexi, I will place my query here.

Regarding "Edit": is there a glitch or am I using it wrongly I wonder.

I tried to change a typo, "rose", to "rise" but, though the edits were registered, twice, the word was not changed!


Dave, just to check, I've edited one of my posts for a typo - did you press 'submit' after your edit?
Dave B

Yes. I will try it again on that post (if I can remember where it was!)
Dave B

OK, it worked that time. If I had not pressed "Submit" then it would have been very obvious to me that I was in the wrong place.

Never mind, glitch or finger trouble, just hope it works in future!

I'm glad it works now! Forum Index -> Suggestions
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