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Farmer Geddon


Who here is on facebook?
Farmer Geddon

What the Fuck happened to the Poll option?

I was just going to run a poll about who was and who wasn't, for the paranoid to join in.

But the poll option is non-existent..  


I think we know each other on Facebook!


Or rather I was, for a while, but then scrapped it. I've largely given up on Twitter as well, even though Twitter was and is vastly preferable to Facebook, in my view.

Being about as unsocial as you can get, social media are really not targeted at the likes of me   Anybody I want to stay in touch with I can, and do, by phone, text and e-mail. Social media aren't my thing.

Pretty much what Shaker said.  It's just not my bag, man.

I'm registered on fb - but tbh, my screenreader doesn't work there very well, so I very rarle use it.
It's the same with twitter.

As you know I'm on there Joined initially to play Scrabble and stayed around. I find it handy to keep in touch with all sorts of people plus there are a few silly games for releasing stress / zoning out when life gets heavy.

I am also on there - as it is useful for keeping track of various friends scattered around the globe.

Oh yea, and I keep in touch with that pesky Ivyowl as well  

What ho Trent

As soon as I've moved I'll be on that train to claim that mug of coffee you keep offering me!

I don't like facebook. I post on Twitter anonymously.

The poll functionality hasn't been disabled?

I use it mainly to keep in touch with my schoolfriends who are all over the UK and US.

Re: Facebook.

Farmer Geddon wrote:
Who here is on facebook?
Guilty as charged
Farmer Geddon

Ok BRB...

Re: Facebook.

Farmer Geddon wrote:
Who here is on facebook?

I do have a facebook profile, but never post on it and it is usually disabled.

I do use Twitter.

Some people like to link the two, and all their tweets are just links to facebook. (Yes, you know who you are).

(Yes, you know who you are).

Yes but I don't - who you talking about - we should be told! Forum Index -> All faiths and none
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