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Filling the gaps in the fossil record.

At least hundreds, possibly thousands, of transitional fossils have been found so far by researchers. The exact count is unclear because some lineages of organisms are continuously evolving.

Fossils reveal truth about Darwin's theory - LiveScience-
Leonard James

Hi Silver,

Given the comparitive rarity of organisms dying in circumstances favourable for fossilisation, it is quite astonishing what an incredible record has so far been unearthed.

However, some people are so entrenched in their ancient, superstitious beliefs that even an impossibility like a radical species change in observable time wouldn't convince them.

Such is the power of indoctrination. :(

Such people refuse to believe firm evidence from millions, even billions of years ago. Yet are happy to accept something that anywhere else would be considered impossible, from just two thousand years ago. Crazy! Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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