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First Day

Hello, I'm new here, recommended by Floopower. I recognise a few names and look forward to getting to know you.

We are looking forward to getting know you too Posh.

Come on in and make yourself at home. Ignore any screams and the smell of blood, sweat and faeces from the Atheist chat area, it can get a bit heady in there at times.

Seriously, good to have you here Posh. Remember, NGLreturns is like the Windmill theatre during the war - we never close  

Judders Lady...

Two threads... One to welcome and one to introduce yourself.
There is room for all kinds here, except Frankies...

Isn't Frankie a friend of yours Rose-Mary?    

I love you really, you do know that, dontcha!

Love.xx -

poshseagull, does that mean you're a posh bird too?


Or possibley a Jonathan Livingston Seagull? (I did love that book as a child).

Hello Posh,

Good to see so many from the Beeb here.
Judders Lady...

rick wrote:
Hello Posh,

Good to see so many from the Beeb here.

So who are you on the Beeb?

Love. xx

He is poshseagull. Same name.
Farmer Geddon


Nice to see your holiday was a success Lynne..

Nice to see you here Posh - you already had a welcome thread in this section, but obviously took the title "Just joined? sing in and say Hi" on it's word - so started your own...

An easy mistake to make....... some people here always think newbies are 'sock-puppets'..

We have a history of them.... Forum Index -> Just joined? Come in and say hi
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