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This fellow is fishing and hooks a salmon. He reels it in and is just going to kill it for his dinner
when it looks him in the eye.

"Hey mate, don't kill me! I'm only a baby, I haven't swum the 7 seas yet. Give us a chance, pal"
says the salmon.

The man looks at the salmon "You can talk?"

"Course I can! Go on - put me back, there's much bigger fish under the bridge!"

"All right", says the man, "I'll put you back. What's your name?"

"Rusty" says the salmon, "And yours?"

" Dave."

Dave puts the fish back in the water and resolves to say nothing of this to anyone, fearing that
he'll become a laughing stock. Ten years later he's fishing in the same spot and he hooks a
monster salmon. It takes him two hours to land it. He looks at it and pictures it on his dinner
plate. Just then the salmon looks him in the eye.

" Dave, is that you"?

"Rusty!! I don't believe it! It must be 10 years since I let you go, what have you been doing, old

"Well Dave, I've had a fantastic time! I've swum the 7 seas and all the oceans. In fact , I've
just come across the Atlantic....but I was really disturbed."

"Why's that, Rusty?"

"Well, I was half way across and a voice told me to swim deeper, so I did. Deeper and deeper
I swam, and presently I found this huge shipwreck; I counted four funnels, but it felt like death
so I had to leave."

"Wow Rusty, that was definitely the Titanic! It sank in 1912 with almost all on board lost!"

"Ah, I knew it! In fact, I was so upset I had to sit down and write a poem about it." said Rusty

"A poem? Don't talk daft! You're just a fish, how can you write a poem? That's rubbish!"

"No Dave, really! It's available in all bookshops now."

"Ok." says Dave, "What's it called then?"

"The Titanic Verses, by Salmon Rusty

Oh dear.


/groan  :lol:

Quality. Consider it stolen.

Which is what I did in the first place!!! Forum Index -> Jokes
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