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It's official.

There is flu out and about in the UK.

If you haven't had a flu jab, but are entitled, I recommend you get to your GP. If you think you have flu, do call a doctor, as they can prescribe an anti viral which will help.

Yep!  The flu is here!  Have been ill for about 10 days but about to return to work tomorrow.  Not 100% fit yet though.  It even hurt to text and to move my eyes!

The current strain is horrendous - I'm still feeling a little out of it (terribly cough/chest) and it's 2 weeks since I got it. The first few days are awful - I literally couldn't walk.

Oh you poor things.

The flu is always horrendous.

I had the flu jab, so I'm lucky.

Why should the influenza vaccine be taken every year?

shayanjameel08 wrote:
Why should the influenza vaccine be taken every year?

Because the vaccine is amended to protect against the most likely forms of flu that year. There is not one "flu" but many. Forum Index -> Health
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