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Forum Etiquette what is your pet hates. Warning! Lame thread

Forum Etiquette, does it or should it, exist?

What do you hate about the do's and don'ts on forums?
I had a spare half hour so thought I would share my boredom.
I am extremely generous in that way. :twisted:

Personally I find that if there aren't some rules then the board ends up with bullying and worse.

I belong to some fairly loose forums where swearing, etc is allowed but hardly anyone does. The worst forums I find are the science ones. No creationist ever got so upset as a scientific creationist (the text book is right from the first word to the last) when anyone dares to question science.

The worst forum I have come across is the PhysForum which allows feedback and it is normally used for bullying. Such feedback is only allowed once a week but there is one truly sick guy there who has maybe ten aliases so he came spam his sick hate regularly against anyone who disagrees with science, though he doesn't seem to know that much of it himself. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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