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Garden of Eden

Where was it?

Was it metaphorical? Given that only kings had gardens? Was it an indication of paradise? Was it on earth? Or was it a literal place, and in which case - where?

Somewhere north of Berwick-upon-Tweed.
I thought that was obvious....

Nah Jim you have to pass through a wormhole to get to the garden of Eden, be careful anybody going there in case you arrive half cut, (cut in half)  

bernard (hug)

The Garden of Eden has been located on the shores of the Tigris and Euprates in Iraq, in Africa, and in the Persian Gulf. The Garden of Eden mentioned in Ezekiel is in Lebanon. Apparently.

Some say Eden is part of heaven, and not of the Earth.

Some modern theories state that Eden was figurative, and referred to a garden, because only the highest in society had a garden.

The interesting thing to point out is that Moses, since he spent so much time in Egypt, would have been perfectly familiar with the concept of what a garden should be.
Such gardens were well known in Royal palaces and mortuary complexes, and were called "wonders" presumably because they were usually created in an otherwise barren, seemingly lifeless and unproductive landscape, and were always depicted as having abundant flora and fauna in an organised setting.
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