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Guide - where to post

I thought I'd try a guide on where to post...

Generally - you can start a thread where you want.
Areas not open to the public (members only) are:
The Bear Pit
The Blog Room
Coffee Lounge

Insults are only allowed in the Bear Pit, so if you post in there, people are entitled to say what they want, providing it is legal. However, any participant in a Bear Pit slanging match is entitled to ask for the thread to be closed, moved or deleted. If they don't want to continue the slanging match, they don't have to.

Largely if its a broad discussion on religion - All Faiths or None
If its a discussion confined to Christianity - then the Christian area

The Prayer thread is for prayers. Its not a discussion area. The only responses acceptable in there are expressions of sympathy, empathy, help. If you don't agree with a prayer request, tough.

If anyone would like an area devoted to a specific topic, we can add area's in. I'd like to try to keep the layout reasonably simple - but suggestions on that front are always welcome. Forum Index -> Tips and hints
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