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Dave B

Hairy Mary

The disreputable looking character stood in the magistrate's court dock whilst the Clerk read out the charge:

"Are you John Jones, otherwise known as Hairy Mary, an unemployed seaman, of 23 Dock View Terrace, Smutport?"

(Cough, wheeze) "Yes m'lud" (rasp, cough.)

The clerk continues, "You are charged with committing an act of gross indecency in a public place, how do you plead?"

(Wheeze) "Guilty (cough) m'lud" (rasp.)

Whilst the beaks are discussing the case the usher approaches the accused, "Would you like to suck a "Fisherman's Friend"?

(Wheeze) "No thanks mate" (cough) says Mary, "I'm in enough trouble already." Forum Index -> Jokes
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