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Dryghtens Toe

Hi from BBC board

Hi I used to post on the bbc board - infact was having quite a good debate with blue a few months ago. then my mum got diagnoesed terminally ill and subsequently died and i had other priorities than posting as you can imagine. I went back the other day to find the bbc board was closing that day - only ten mins left! The horror. Anyway thanks those who linked here and the other board. Hello to anyone who remembers me :)



Leonard James

Hi Toe,

Good to see you here.

Sad reason for a forced sabbatical - no platitudes, but an 'hello' from me.  
Dryghtens Toe


hi Leonard Lex and Ketty. Nice to see u again Leonard. Ill have to get round to posting something substantial soon. Forum Index -> Just joined? Come in and say hi
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