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Hoarding Jesus

Its not often I recommend a blog - but this is an interesting read:

The argument presented is that some groups have taken the approach that no one outside of their group is entitled to a view on Jesus, and this is wrong. Jesus does not need protecting.

Its similar to the arguments about Muhammed. There are plenty of groups within Islam who consider it sacrilege for anyone outside of Islam to write / portray Muhammed.

I agree with the sentiments in the blog, Lexi.
Certain extreme fundamentaliists, in an effort to keep their doctrine 'pure', brand all who question it, even fellow believers, 'heretics'.
Surely it is in questioning that we build our faith?

Jesus does not need protecting, I agree.

We humans have the choice to be offensive and/or accept/take offence.  God is greater than all of that.

One of my uncles for a time took his Plymouth Brethren doctrine to the extreme and became an 'Exclusive' refusing to eat his meals with the rest of the family that sort of stuff. Luckily he came to his senses pretty quickly when he saw that it was going against the whole point of the 'God of love' that formed the basis of his belief. Mind you he still stayed in the PBs which are themsleves a bit iffy with their 'if you are not saved you'll burn in hell' beliefs. My uncle wasn't able to see that the 'god of love' didn't quite square with the 'hell fire' preachers that so thrilled their congregations!

We have P.B. up here as well, I.O - but most Brethern Assemblies were 'open Brethern'; less exclusive and austere. Many have since become Evangelical churches or Christian Fellowships; more open and 'free-er' still - and, IMO, much the better for it!

Hello Jim, I must admit I haven't heard so much about the PB's lately but when I was young they were still coming round the villages putting up tents and organising things, mainly for the children singing chorusses and such, and then rounding things off with a real thunderous hell fire sermon. Funnily enough the most passionate of those preachers was a Scotsman by the name of Warnock. Oh boy could he give it some!!!!!

Those hellfire-mongers used to set my teeth on edge!
Not only was scaring folk into the Kingdom a big turn-off, it gave the rest of us a bad name.
We were tarred with the same brush!
I can recall them, not so long ago, gathered in a circle, bawling out scriptures from the KJV and sermons in the same anachronistic language, acosting people with phrases such as
"Art thou washed in the blood of the Lamb?"
Now, there is theology in the phrase - good theology, as a matter of fact - but the way they fired it at unsuspecting passers by made my blood boil!

Thank God - literally - for double glazing...'cos it meant the end of the 'ring' as we called it; no-one could hear them; so they gave up! Forum Index -> Christian chat
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