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Farmer Geddon

How to dupe the gullible:

If you want a lesson on how to make loads of dosh - just follow the advice of this guy:


You don't have to 'believe' - It's simple when you have idiots who do "believe"....


If you're going to dupe anyone, the gullible are the ones to go for. Trust me on this, it used to be my job.
Leonard James

Oh gawd! :cry:

L Ron Hubbard, author and confidence man said if you wanted to make money, start a religion, and he did (Scientology). Legions of gullible people flocked to him and threw millions at him. Is it the need for someone to take control of their lives and relieve them of all responsibilities that makes people join a religion?

There was an American televangelist (whose name escapes me) who told his flock at regular intervals that he would die unless they donated to him X million dollars and the sheep did just that each time. To call these people stupid is to grossly insult stupid people. There is no adequate word for such idiocy as these people displayed. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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