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I wonder if there is a talking donkey?

Outrage at 'Noah's Ark' creationist zoo which denies Darwin's theory of evolution.

A secular group is demanding that tourism groups stop promoting a 'creationist' zoo which questions the traditional view of evolution.

The Noah's Ark Zoo is accused by the British Humanist Association of misleading tens of thousands of visitors annually and 'threatening public understanding'.

The BHA says the zoo farm, run by husband and wife Anthony and Christina Bush in Wraxall, near Bristol, promotes creationism - the belief that all life was created by God - and seeks to discredit scientific facts such as carbon dating, the fossil record and the speed of light.

Farmer Geddon

Ahhhh well here is the rub...

Do the schools who take their kids round this attraction have an agenda to promote religion or is it just because it is cheaper than Bristol Zoo or Longleat without realising the implications?

The clue should be in the name "Noah's Ark" zoo, but I suspect that the name makes no difference - it a cheaper alternative and seeing as primary school kids are taught about "The Ark" as a "real" event it makes sense to take them there as a treat.

I went with an ex and her nieces and nephews a few years ago and it was quite a nice day out..  The people who run it weren't shoving creationism down our throats, in fact they were telling the Noah story as I remember it as a kid and it all seemed quite harmless...

I suppose the difference for us was that the kids we were with didn't seem to take the whole biblical flood as "gospel truth" and just enjoyed getting close to the animals.

It might have changed tack recently - but until you visit you shouldn't criticise..  I'm at a loose end this week-end - (working this Sunday), so might pop down and see if it has changed as radically as the BHA claim......

ETA - Maybe not, a lone guy will attract suspicion of a different kind   :roll:

Creationism is a slow erosion with many lies for kids. This is just another one. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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