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Idiot Design

There are a fair number of design flaws with the human body but for me at present, putting nerves in teeth is the biggest. Worse, it isn't a like a wound that heals but it goes on and on and may even get worse.

I've had a toothache for over a week now and still have another 37 hours before I go to a dentist to get it done (but who's counting?)

But I'm lucky. I can take pain killers when it gets bad, and it will get fixed. Can you imagine it in the past with no pain killers? Even worse, no way to get it fixed unless you can somehow bash the tooth out, and probably damage others while trying to do it, as well as maybe your mouth and tongue.

I can imagine people literally killing themselves as a bad pain goes on and on and people cannot even sleep because of it.

What point would there be of having nerves in teeth? Your mouth and tongue will tell you if something is too hot or too cold. If your teeth are unable to bite into something, then you should not try and do so.

I will see your nerves in teeth and raise you the human spine. At least teeth are fit for purpose.

I had a slipped disk some years ago. It's something you have to experience to know just how agonising it is. I had a bad back for a few years after that.

But it does not take much more than to break the nerve running through the spine and be paralyzed for life. Another example of Idiot Design.

A nephew of mine who'd had too much to drink jumped over a small wall on a short cut home. Unfortunately he didn't know about the 25 foot drop on the other side of it. Still in his early twenties, he can walk but has messed up his back for life.

Gallstones (and gallstones on the move, at that) is the most excruciating pain I've ever known. Horrible - I'd wish it on my worst enemy. I'm reliably informed - and I hope never to test this one for myself - that about the worst agony the human body can experience is kidney stones.

Horrible - I'd wish it on my worst enemy.

And today's prize for clear minded thinking goes to...
Leonard James

EDIT. Duplicated post.
Leonard James

Leonard James wrote:
Ah, but I designed you so that you would have to pass difficult tests in order to receive perfect, everlasting happiness with me after your mortal death.

It's because I love you all so much, you see.  

Christians can rationalise anything. With the starving of the third world, god is letting them starve because suffering builds character. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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