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Farmer Geddon

Jesus depicted as waving his wand around:

The tortured Jesus is a construct of the tortured dark/middle ages Christian.

Early Christians saw him as a boyish figure, in control of his life...

How did he develop from a happy Jesus into a Dark one like the Luke of fable?
Honey 56

The word of God, is the guide in all things spiritual.

Try reading Isaiah 53, again, but with the understanding of the early church, disciples and apostles.


I've never read the Luke of your fable. lol
Farmer Geddon

Not the Isee 53 shit again.

Have you actually read it, or have you been misinformed about what it really is about?
Farmer Geddon

You should watch the programme - The evidence of how the early christians viewed Jesus is all there for you to behold...

Well you know what they say, beware greeks bearing gifts,
Hitler did a portrait of Jesus blond hair and blue eyes.

bernard (hug)
Honey 56

Farmer Geddon wrote:
You should watch the programme - The evidence of how the early christians viewed Jesus is all there for you to behold...

Yes, thank you  for the link Farmer, I did watch most of the programme, and it was in the most part very interesting.
Two points especially. Firstly, the earliest Christians did not portray The Messiah Yeshua in person, they used signs and symbols to express their faith to each other and also to other none christians, probably due to the intense persecution they faced and to the fact that they recognised Yeshua as their God and saviour incarnate and so He would be considered too sacred to portray, the early Christians were Jews and so would not even have used God's name, as it was deemed to be too sacred to be misused.
It  was only as the heresies started to infiltrate the faith and the Greek and Roman styles of art began to creep in that these artists started to portray Yeshua in this rather unfortunate way.

Secondly the presenter of the programme made the comment that "art never lies", but art is only as honest as the person who produced it in actual fact. I personally lost interest very quickly after that particular comment.
I was also disappointed by the programme's lack of research on the subject of early Christian beliefs, especially the significance of Jonah to the early Christian artists.
But it was interesting and informative IMO,  for the most part anyway.

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