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Jesus Dress Up

I almost sincerely apologise for inevitable offence caused:
Farmer Geddon

I almost didn't enjoy dressing him up... Smilie_PDT

Poor Jesus.  I feel sorry for him.

Tacky in the extreme! :evil:

Oh come on, it's great!  If it's any consolation he probably never existed anyway.

Ok here's dress up Satan and dress up Muhammad so no one can say I'm discriminating:

It's a subjective response.  I wouldn't say it's great, but if I truly did not believe as I do, I can see where one would see this as entertaining.  I'm just trying to be fair.

There's a lot more respectful things that could be done to Jesus than dressing him up. It is of course the made-up westernised image by painters of the middle ages and Renaissance and not what a real Jesus would have looked like. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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