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Jesus the Egyptian

Jesus never existed as a living human being. The whole story is copied from Egyptian beliefs. Even the name is the same as the Egyptian Ever Coming Son - IOSA. This is still the name for Jesus in the Gaelic Gospel of Mark - e.g. - "8:33 Ach Iosa a tionndadh, sheall e air a dheisciopuil, is bhagair e air Peadar, ag radh: Theirig air mo chulaobh, a shatain: oir chan eil tlachd agad do nithean Dhe, ach do nithean dhaoine."

When Alexander invaded Egypt c.355BCE the Greeks Hellenised Egyptian names, and Iosa became Iesous. In Arabic - Issa or Essa, in Hebrew - Yeshua.

Kings of Egypt were believed to be the Son of God, namely Iosa/Jesus. King David V has a cartouche on his shrine which reads 'God of All Heprew (Creations)'. St.Ambrose in the 4th century, CE, referred many times to Jesus as the Good Scarabaeus. Scarabs in Egyptian is HEPREW.

The first two chapters of Luke are more or less the same as is told in 4 scenes and hieroglyphs in temples in Luxor and Denderah. King David V is portrayed as God the Father Uasar (Greek Osiris), God the Son Iosa/Jesus, and as his Ka (Holy Spirit) on one wall of his tomb. In one hand his Ka carries a small Ankh - Cross of Life (not the death one) - for the 3 day journey through the Duat - Underworld, before being RESURRECTED to his home in the Stars, where Iosa is the Star SIRIUS. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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