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Kissing in Dubai

Any thoughts?  Barbarism?  A religion with an unhealthy obsession with sexuality?  The Muslims over on the BBC boards are getting all riled up about the depravity and lewdness they encounter in this country and defending the Dubai laws as civilised.  Are we in a position to criticise the laws of other cultures?

Whilst the basis of the conviction certainly seems more than a little dodgy, criticising another countries laws is tricky ground.  

Respecting the laws of another country is appropriate (certainly we would expect that of any visitor to this country) and whilst not kissing in public may be a rather ludicrous law to us, it is the law of their land and should be respected.

However, there are occasions when the laws of another country can and should be criticised: for example Ugandan laws that persecute homesexuals (which I appreciate is a bit of hobby horse of mine right now so I promise not to climb it again here!    )

I don't believe in objective morality, but I do think we can criticise other cultures if it seems to us that they are immoral.  They can ignore us of course, or offer up counter arguments and criticism of their own, but I don't think there is anything necessarily hypocritical about the criticism. Forum Index -> Other religions
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