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Lexilogo back as Site Admin

Please? Ta.

Just one final, explicit (i.e. on a part of the board where Lexi can see even if she is logged out), plea that this forum would be so much the poorer without Lexi as a poster and as Admin.

I have put up a (presumably) anonymous poll, to see if anyone really does agree that nglreturns was worse with Lexi at the helm.

If, Lexi, you still not want to remain here - perhaps for other reasons not stated - then I wish you all the best! Ultimately, between forums and general life/family/work commitments, it's an obvious no-brainer.

And, if Lexi does not want to remain, then all the best to the new Admin and old (no offence ) Mods.

You leave my age out of this

Sorry gramps trent.

Someone needs to remove the keyboard from Shaker until he has read the instructions!

I voted yes I would like Lexi to come back!


I have no need for annanominity on this.  Lexi should stay. I have moaned at her but she is the site admin who else do you moan to. I want Lexi back.  If I am in anyway responsible for her decision then I am prepared to rescind my membership if it means that she comes back to give people like me a louder voice.

The mention of anonymity was for the benefit of the person(s) who thinks it is better for Lexi to relinquish admin duties. I don't believe such a person does exist - perhaps even Floo didn't really have the convictions behind her remark and just threw it out there as part of her "flounce" (she freely confesses to regularly doing this from forums, normally after she has received criticism, ISTM).

But if there is such a person, and feels any loyalty to Floo who said he/she exists, then there is an anonymous way to show their existence and back up Floo's claims...
Leonard James

I vote 'yes', and I defy anybody to produce reasoned evidence for voting 'no'.

Ya, what Leo wrote.

Leonard James wrote:
I vote 'yes', and I defy anybody to produce reasoned evidence for voting 'no'.

Agreed...and, Lexi, I don't see any 'NO' votes here...that should tell you something. Forum Index -> Suggestions
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