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Medjugorje - A lie from the beginning!

On June 24, 1981, in a parched, desolate area of Croatian part of Bosnia, six Croatian teenagers returned from their smoking hideout telling their (Roman Catholic) priest they had a sighting of the Virgin Mary.

Their bishop, Pavao Zanic, who travelled from Mostar to Medjugorje to personally investigate the claim, quickly caught the pranksters in lies and admonished them not to spread the stories about the “miracle”. But the local Franciscan clergymen decided to disobey their bishop and prompted the teenagers, who started receiving almost daily messages from “Our Lady” (Gospa to Croats), marked by banality, superficiality and heresies. Thus, what would in most places promptly end the same way it started -- as a stupid adolescent prank, in Croatian Bosnia became a dream come true for fanatical Croat nationalists and instant-salvation seekers from around the world. And it has been going on for the past quarter of the century.

This entire charade - the children, the messages, the existence of the shrine itself - was one of the most successful propaganda instruments of the [Ustasha] movement which had blown up airplanes, assassinated ambassadors, planted bombs in movie theaters and airports and had prided itself on the extermination of thousands of fellow Christians, right on this very spot.

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