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Farmer Geddon

Might be of interest to Mr Len James

IF YOU'RE taking medication, do you always read the label to learn about the possible side effects? It might seem like a good idea, but beware: there is growing evidence that simply believing something will be bad for you can make it genuinely bad for you (see "The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body"). This might sound like voodoo - and indeed it is how voodoo works. But that is no reason to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo.

On the contrary, it needs to be taken seriously. While it is a tricky problem to study, what we do know suggests that much needless suffering could be avoided if modern medicine paid more attention to the power of words. Doctors have a duty to inform their patients about side effects, but they should be exploring ways of doing this that minimise the voodoo effect.
Judders Lady...

IF YOU'RE taking medication, do you always read the label to learn about the possible side effects?

I hate taking medication...
So though I do read the labels I never get the side effects.
I prefer alternative medicines where possible have had acapunture and I like herbal remedies. Including herbal teas and drinks for general good health. I am present looking at reflexology.

I also have an A-Z book of foods that harm and foods that heal.

I am the sad person who always reads the side effects - but it's an occupational habit.

I don't personally like taking any medication for anything.
Leonard James

Hi Luci,

Thank you for that interesting stuff. It is always gratifying to see one's personal deductions confirmed by science.

As you already know I became convinced many years ago that gods only exist in the human mind, and that mere belief in a god can produce the experiences offered as 'evidence'.  It is interesting to see a scientific explanation of how it comes about and is propagated.

I am also aware of the nature/nurture aspect of the malady, and whilst we can try to get people to see and understand it, the disconcerting fact is that we can't change the genetic susceptibility of the people who are stuck with it.

In short, humanity is very much in the hands of evolution, and although we are able to control our environment to an extraordinary degree, and make good education the norm, evolution will have the final say about this particular phenomenon.
Farmer Geddon

Glad you found it interesting Len:

I liked this one:

The overdose

Depressed after splitting up with his girlfriend, Derek Adams took all his pills... then regretted it. Fearing he might die, he asked a neighbour to take him to hospital, where he collapsed. Shaky, pale and drowsy, his blood pressure dropped and his breaths came quickly.

Yet lab tests and toxicology screening came back clear. Over the next 4 hours Adams received 6 litres of saline, but improved little.

Then a doctor arrived from the clinical trial of an antidepressant in which Adams had been taking part. Adams had enrolled in the study about a month earlier. Initially he had felt his mood buoyed, but an argument with his ex-girlfriend saw him swallow the 29 remaining tablets.

The doctor revealed that Adams was in the control group. The pills he had "overdosed" on were harmless. Hearing this, Adams was surprised and tearfully relieved. Within 15 minutes he was fully alert, and his blood pressure and heart rate had returned to normal.

Just shows the power of mind eh!!
Leonard James

Yes indeed, Luci.

I had read that and the other examples, and it all goes to show just how much the mind can auto-generate positive and negative physical experiences.

All such phenomena should be assessed with caution and a healthy scepticism.

Delete - forgot to scroll up to see if I'd already posted something!

I took some medication for high blood pressure (which seemed just to be a blip) and after a few days, woke up in the middle of night in agony. It felt like someone had a grip on one of my leg muscles and was squeezing hard. Even standing up and walking around took some time before it faded away. I checked it up on the internet next day and that was a possible side effect. I stopped taking it but the night cramps came back a few times before fading away.

The way I look at it is that the heart is just another muscle and what can work on my leg muscle might work on that too. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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