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Farmer Geddon

Mod Status..

Ketty - Can you think of any reason to exclude me as being a Mod?

Why are you asking this question?

The mods positions are currently filled on NGL.

Your idea that Ketty and Sass are one and the same is quite frankly ludicrous.

This renders any serious point you may be trying to make all the less convincing.

Re: Mod Status..

Have you been sniffing Weetabix again, F.G.?

Well who can't think of a reason? Now what was that story you crowed about some time ago. Something about you being made a mod and banning the creator of the site? I think it was Jez and somebody else you also banned. And you appeared to get such joy of them finally having to beg you to let them back on THEIR SITE. And you want to be a mod? Forum Index -> Announcements
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