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Musician starts chewing the carpet

Musician, James McMillan on the Sunday programme this morning claimed that secularism is on it's way out. When challenged to provide evidence, he rambled and waffled. Some more of catholic McMillan's delusions:

They aren't delusions.

Anti Catholic bigotry does exist in Scotland. It's most prevalent in Glasgow, but also occurs in Edinburgh.
Of course Professor Steve Bruce would deny it. That's easy to do when you are tucked away in Aberdeen. There is no religious bigotry in Aberdeen. In fact in that respect its one of the most harmonious cities in Scotland.

There is an annual Orange Man March in Glasgow, and Catholics have been targeted during that march. Most Catholic families keep the kids indoors that day.

Donald Findlay is on video singing sectarian songs. That is bigotry in my book.

I am a Highlander, and from a High Protestant Church. I was once accused of devil worship while at work (in a loud voice) because my Church had a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The bigotry isn't as bad as in Northern Ireland, and in the Highlands, the two groups largely get on well. This is thanks to the historical pride from when a largely Catholic North supported the Stewart uprising. But when you start getting into clan lands of some of the Sassenach and English supporting clans, it can be an issue. It's mostly expressed through football now.
Rangers - protestant, Celtic Catholic
Hearts - protestant, Hibs - Catholic

Inverness challenged this a few years back by amalgamating the football teams with great success.

I've been to Scotland a few times on holiday but obviously not the same as living there. I had a Scottish aunt but she never mentioned any bigotry. Maybe she came from a different area?

The original post was about the claim that secularism is dead and I tacked the link on to show who the guy was.

Yes, as far as the OP goes, I see no evidence that secularism is on the way out anywhere in Europe.

It does vary in Scotland, as I said. Living in Aberdeen I never saw any. In Inverness there was some, and in Edinburgh there was some.


I lived in Aberdeen for ten years.

There most certainly is a legacy of Protestant/Catholic divide. For example Torry in Aberdeen is mainly a Proddy area while Kincorth was Catholic. Gang culture would see the Torry Derry fight the Kincorth Randall, the proddy nickname is obvious but I have no idea where 'Randall' come from.

Added to this was the influx of labour from Strathclyde as the closing shipyards coincided with the oil boom in Aberdeen. Subsequent generations held the same football loyalties as their fathers.

However I think you fall into the trap of portraying it all as one way traffic. The anti-Protestant bigotry was as veciferous as any, but being the minority maybe held less condemnation.

Of course the divide can be traced to the immigrant Irish population in Glasgow, and the subsequent Protestant occupations from Scotland to  Norn Iron.

Hi Andy,

I didn't mean to portray it all as one way traffic. And I had no idea Torry was a protestant area. I had a lot of mates lived in Torry.

So where abouts in Aberdeen were you? I spent a couple of years in Portlethen, to the south, and then moved to the top of George St. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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