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North Kingdom, South Kingdom

This is an area I know little about - and wonder how it is outlined in the Bible, or in historical references?

I'm suspecting its an area FG will know more about?

Re: North Kingdom, South Kingdom

What do you want to know, Lexi?

I'll throw something into the mix, if I may. As you know, I'm an Egyptology geek, and one of the periods which fascinated me is the Third intermediate and Late Periods (C1100-525 BC ). That's the area, coincidentally, where we can really pin down Scripture into world History.
Now - and here's the geek bit - if you read 1 Kings, you'll note
"In the fifth year of Rehoboham (son of Solomon), Shishak, king of Egypt, invaded Israel".
He got as far as Jerusalem and returned home after leaving with the gold from the Temple.
Now (Are you with me so far?), Egypt was on its' uppers at that time. The gold mines in Nubia/Kush were lost to it...but a surprising amount of bling bearing Sheshonq I's moniker survives. Scientists took some samples of a golden statuette of the king, analysed it, and found that the gold was not that of Ethiopia, Kush or Nubia - where almost all Egyptian gold came from. Instead, it came from Northern Syria or Southern Turkey...which is where most states which were not blessed with a source of gold got their supplies.
Yes, I know it won't stand up in court...but it's highly significant, nonetheless.

End of geeky bit!

Just generally curious, as its a part of the history I'm relatively unfamiliar with.

Its around 920 BCE - 597 BCE - so includes the time of the Iliad (in writing - it's after Troy). Rooting it in other histories, Pylos had burnt down, the Sea Peoples were gone - there was a Neo-Assyrian Empire at the time. And Egypt.

That was a time when both states (Israel and Judah) were part of international politics to a greater degree than before or since. Naturally, the Bible centres on those states, but lots of things were happening around them; the decline, collapse and partial rebirth of Egypt, the Assyrian Empire, Proto-Persian expansion, Ethopia/Kushite independance and eventual conquest of Egypt in the twenty fifth dynasty, Carian, macedonian and other Greek mercenaries becoming standard in Egypt, THe Jewish mercenaries building a Temple to YHWH in Elephantine (Upper Egypt) ...fulfilling the Isaiah prophesy in the was all go! Forum Index -> Christian chat
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