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Now I've seen it all

This from a creationist:

The professor was quick to dismiss claims that the institute’s publications were not peer-reviewed. “Why, that’s plain nonsense,” he said. “Hiram peer-reviews my papers, and I peer-review his. You journalists just don’t understand academia, do you?”

(This post was removed from the BBC MB.)
Dave B

Re: Now I've seen it all

Silver wrote:
This from a creationist:

Got any more on this Silver. Sounds like a poor attempt at a joke!

I forgot to add the link:

No worry about the world ending in 2012. It's going to end in 2011. The institute is situated in Waco. How apt!
Dave B

Thanks for the link Silver, I followed up on the link to The Telegraph as well which filled in some of the gaps.

Seems a bit like academic incest to me! Neither of these people seem to have any sense of irony whatsoever.

Neither of these people seem to have any sense of irony whatsoever.

On the contrary; it's a joke article. The Institute for Scriptural Geography, Wako Texas does not exist.

“we discovered that, by tearing the geological charts into strips, highly significant gaps in the fossil record appeared. That was a neat trick, huh?”

It's an obvious parody. Silver isn't very good at spotting satire, I've had to help him out before. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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