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Christian chat
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Imteresting article here:
Advent IV
The Birthday Party
Is God and Energy the same thing
JWs negligent in child abuse case, judge awards compensation
Acts 10:30
Happy Easter
Churches oppose three-person baby plan.
Arewe in the Kingdom
Assertion by JamesJah
Reasons not to mess with the weather
Bible text.
The Faithfull slave
Do Christians still follow Christ?
Man is nothing like the Almighty God
The Anti Christ
End Time Christians
The Incredible Shrinking (Irish) Catholic Church
Do Church people all claimto be Christian?
Tetrad blood moons???
""God TV" - a critique - by a Christian.
Love rules...even if you're gay!
One of Christians problems
Now THAT'S what I call Christian!
Only in America...I hope.
Archbishop of Cant. "doubts God's existence"
Veneration of symbols
Christians in the DARK
Imitating Christ
Only ome Almighty
Peace is the knowledge of the good shepherd
Christian man
Who made Vhristians religious?
James's mash up thread
The last prophet
C of E says yes to female bishops
The hazards of blood tranfusions
How not to obey Christ's command to love - in one easy lesso
A blog: Intolerance in the Age of Tolerance
hour of judgement
The harvest
What does equal mean?
Where is the Christian Church?
Lesbianism: Does God Mind?
The correct foundation?
who do you follow?
God's Kingdom & Christians
Clegg supports disestablishment
Christian chat 2
Happy Easter to all NGLReturners
Too small a price.
Whhat rare real Christians doing this Easter?
Can some just ignor scripture about the God they serve?
Jehovahís Witnesses and the Memorial of Christís Death
Speaking in tongues, did it come from Greek Pagans?
How many get a heavenly reward?
What did Jesus meen?
Are most Christians still asleep
What will you bedoing this Easter?
When did the Popes start?
What personality traits?
a quesion of faith
Why is believing in God important ?
Desert Wisdom
Fred Phelps
Evolution and theChristian faith?
Praying in tongues...
2 Timothy 3:16:
Sermons and homilies
What make an apostate?
Pope: Church should be open to same-sex civil unions
Where are the wheat Christians today?
Being Christian - the 'substance of the faith'.
Is It Time To Reassess Archbishop Ussher?
Principle of the Shaliach
Is Christianity on Trial
C of E "still the Tory party at prayer"
Have Christians lost sight of the important teachings
Looks like the 'end times' are a way, way off yet!
Does the Almighty aprove of any rype of worship?
In what form was Y'shua (Jesus) raised.
Are we allowing Christ to be taken out of Christmas. Xmas
1 Corinthians 15
Carols for Advent
Christian B&B owners lose Supreme Court appeal
Descendants of adam
Exploring Christianity
C of E to have female bishops after all
Matthew 28:1-10 versus John 20:1-2.
The greatest love story
Homosexuality and Jesus
North Kingdom, South Kingdom
Lets start again... what makes a Christian?
Pope behaving in very un-Catholic manner yet again
Governing Body of Church of Wales votes for female bishops
High Church / Low Church
I admire this guy:
Something for your brain cells:
Prophets and saints
Extremists, beliefs and principles
What makes a good church?
Hoarding Jesus
Playing fast and loose with history?
Does Jesus fit in context to Jewish belief in the 1st CE?
If Jesus turned up today
Who are speaking truth today?
Whatís the difference?
alter or barbecue?
C of E: downward slide continues
Καλό Π&#940
What makes a good minister?
Focus on what Christ did
He's alive!
BBC documentary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus's sex life ...
False Spirits in the Church
The incompatibility of Christianity and evolution
Entering into the spirit of the thing.
Apostates what is their purpose?
Catholics priests should be able to marry
Guns and Christianity
Why have so many missed the point of scripture?
Can the spirit be a god
Are there prophets which we should listen too today?
messiah unto thyself
Who is God?
Garden of Eden
Interesting meeting!
Sorry about this, but...
The Messiah in The Tanakh
The second coming
Matthew 12:40
Faith under fire
Why are so many clergy anti truth?
Everyday miracles?
The "Truth" of the scriptures:
Who or what is the Father of Jesus?
Daily devotions?
Where are true Christians found today?
Council of Nicea
Teaching and Learning
Was Jesus a god
The Flesh is weak???
How to spell the Almighty God's name
Messianic believers and Hanukkah
scripture and the laudromat
Why do so many miss the second coming?
A Chrtistmas thread especially for James.
Scriptural practices
Another thread about women bishops.
Where's paradise
OK, most of this crap...
What kind of body was Jesus raised with?
Feast of Firstfruits
Bernie's question
John 1:14
The Prosperity Gospel (the dark faith) Is Growing
The Bible and history.
Honey 56s questions
Which is the most important Sabbath?
Revelation 6
Walk a mile in their shoes.
Israel. God's chosen
How many end time prophecies have taken place so far?
The New World Translation
Weapons of mass renewal?
Which spirit controls you?
Who invented Christmass?
Is believing in torment in hell fire compulsory
Presenting the Scriptures....
Is the Trinity compulsory for Christians
Elijah and Enoch
Abram the Hebrew
John 12:36-41
Shana Tova
Pseudo-Christian sects.
"You must be saved"
never mind the quality feel the width
Mass hypnoses
"I saw satan fall from heaven as lightning"
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini
They do not glorify Him as God
Where is the Charity
Christian music - down memory lane.
The Eucharist
Jars of Clay?
Where did the Catholics come from?
Christianity and Sexuality - split from Honey's thread
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