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The so-called "angry atheist" is a myth, study fin
Brian Cox - Human Universe
Belief and affiliation: the decline continues
It just takes faith!
The Ten Commandments of Faitheism
'You're an atheist - you can't get married'
That's Christianity for you
This is interesting.
A.C. Grayling on humanism
"Why I Am An Unbeliever" - Carl Van Doren
"Atheists these days aren't miserable enough!"
The Festivus for the rest of us...
Are You An Atheist?
I knew it!
A Christmas gift idea for you atheists
The six types of atheist (allegedly)
Atheists are good if they do good, says Pope
If most people were atheist and knew it
Top five reasons that people abandon religion
What really pisses me off about athiests
Why do we do it?
Atheist godparents
I wonder what he'd think of it all?
Humanist funeral
Bertrand Russell
Pictures instead of words?
For fun
Now if you want to make us atheists...
Project Reason
Israel v Iran.
That nice Mr Attenborough
'Flawed' humanity.
Christopher Hitchens dies.
Would it matter?
I am not an Idiot:
New fossil dino-bird...
Atheists converting to believers
Creation Science Disproves Creationism!
What would be a good career for an atheist ?
What's an atheist ?
Why do people believe in God?
How lucky we are!
Atheism... is it based on human traits of brainwashing?
Dawkins on laryngeal nerve of the giraffe
Belief in God.
An act of God?
If you could "get" religion...
Why Do People Laugh At Creationists
'IF' someone had challenged you to live like an atheist...
Just when you thought the pope could do no more wrong
Bring the Pope to Justice:
New-Age Terrorists
The Root of All Evil?
Zeitgeist [Religion] The Greatest Story Ever Sold (1of 3)
Rules for an atheist forum...
Origin of life.
Atheists... have you ever prayed?
Are the changes being implemented for the end times?
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.
Atheist Humour:
Judge says murder is OK if you're a religious nutter
Hundreds of Proofs of Godís Existence
Workers on pyarmids were not slaves
101 Atheist quotes
Now I've seen it all
It's all in the mind
Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists
What Do Atheists Read For Pleasure ?
Insects may be smarter than creationists!
Pedophiles Inc. tell others how to run their sex lives
What happens when you look at nothing:
Thread Removed - Which idiot annoys you most on.....
The prayer room
Out of body feelings
7 reasons why religion is a form of mental illness
Sceptics in the City
Steady growth
Assisted suicide OK
The face of christianity and atheists.
Is Christianity Tenable - a course for Christians
A brief history of.....
Who needs god?
Jesus returns but not as a carpenter
I wonder if there is a talking donkey?
Just when you think you've seen it all.
This made my day
Not for the squeamish
"God" omits to strike atheists dead in Alabama
Some religions idea of "honour".
Trying to stop criticism
Secular Icon
Jesus the Egyptian
Register Your Sissy Boy For Vacation Bible Gun Camp!
The Bible Doesn't Mention Any "Ice Age," So SHUT U
Marcus Brigstocke on religion
Darwin acknowledged all creation through The Creator.
Might be of interest to Mr Len James
A cancer on the world
Yet another transitional fossil found
Ohhhhhh Bugger.....
The family tree
Faith schools increase fragmentation of society
Life could be everywhere in the universe.
It's just a theory
How to dupe the gullible:
Idiot Design
Don't mention the war
Hampshire flirts with the Dark Ages
Forum Etiquette what is your pet hates. Warning! Lame thread
"The Living Lord"?
Read all about it
Medjugorje - A lie from the beginning!
Why didn't Mary save this lot at Medjugorje?
The evil of Medjugorje
His night job?
Ha! Ha!
Kiss Hank's Ass
How to handle an unwelcome invitation
Four Horsemen (not of the Apocolypse!)
Sex and suffering inside Indian convent
Did Jesus Die on the cross?
Filling the gaps in the fossil record.
Look what was swept under the carpet.
Now, about these 'ere Face Book ....
Bible stuff.
Jesus Dress Up
What is an Atheist?
Atheist Apocalypse
Atheist joke
Not for the faint hearted
We are all atheists.
Debate organised by Southampton Humanists
Has anyone actually watched the whole of Zeitgeist?
Atheist Media
How the turtle got its shell
£35,000 of taxpayers' cash given to 'atheist bus' group
And that just about wraps it up for the Alpha course ...
Billboard promoting atheism will be removed
Religion - Alcohol Analogy
Atheist Punk Music
Why muslims come to the West
Bad Faith Awards 2008 : Vote Now
The Rapture
Godless and Free
Simple Curiosity
Prof Richard Dawkins drives support for London's first . . .
Interview with John Lennox
Isn't it amazing!
Dawkins: a theologian's perspective
Musician starts chewing the carpet
Ruth Kelly resigns
Sunday Trading
Talk is cheap.
Other beliefs
The bible
More atheists are sharing their views
Humanists take legal action on GCSE exclusion
Adam and Eve (the Gay Version)
tap... tap.... tap...
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