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JWs look away now........
Emo Phillips
The Fringe has come round aagain
Job interview
How to get more likes on Facebook
The Western Wall
Random visual nonsense
Somehow this resonates with me!
Politically speaking...
2001: A Space Odyssey theme
A real groaner....
Great picture
The joys of Google Street View
Richard 3rd
Shamelessly nicked!
Lesson in Politics
A long tail.....
What do you call two crows on a branch?
The start of the net?
Global Terror Levels
A Wimbledon Joke
I had to laugh ...
How to treat a lady ...
For Powwow
Physics and religion
Down the Pub
joke from the observer
The Missing Verse from the Book of Genesis
Joke by Emo Phillips
Is it too early ?
The Fifty sheds phenomenon just keeps on growing ....
Couldn't agree more
For those of you missing a poster of old
Does God Exist?
"Innocence of Muslims":
Top ten Funniest Jokes from the Edinburgh Fringe
50 shades of Grey:
My favourite Slackbladder:
Worrying crime in the Midlands
Catholics in heaven
Difficult child.
Catholic wedding.
The Sin of Lying
The Bridge
3 Nuns
Proposed cuts to the National Health Service.
First Cigarette
We got it covered:
The Agnostic:
The power of prayer
To Catch a Predator
The ULTIMATE in Women's Body Piercing...
On the stump.
For the male sexist pigs amongst us
Hairy Mary
Oh Dear
The Truth Is Out There
Dad Wants Textbook Banned......
The Obedient Wife
Global warming is now a joke
This one is true
Old people's home
Ambiguous jokes
My Christmas cake has gone missing.
Witty one liners:
My nan.......
What do you get . . .
Sexist joke nirvana..........
The King of the Sharp Wit and the Quick Retort (long)
Frankie Boyle
Laughing when you shouldn't
Wrong number...
Accident or deliberate?
Some puns
Dumb blondes
Legal talk
A not so dumb blond
Only in America
I'm nearly there!
Little Britain
Things you never noticed ...
A Christian lady who lived next door to an atheist.
You Have a Pigeon in Your Bank Account
Big Feet.
Hot News
Military Deteriation
Oops...Sorry, but it made me laugh.
"I'm Not One Of Those 'Love Thy Neighbor' Christians&qu
Two children . . .
A man walks into a bar with a paper bag
86 year olds letter to bank
God Takes a Holiday
Relationship with God
Chicken Sandwiches
A Damn Fine Explanation
A new poem by Pam Ayres
The Afterlife
Irish Speedos
Cyanide & Happiness Strip #1
Three women:
Old Timer Sex
Confession is good for the soul
I want a puppy!
If all men were like mobile phones . . .
Woe on wheels
Economic crisis worsens
Possible plane crash
Man's best friend
Slightly rude ...
This is my Grandmothers one rude joke*...
The little boy and politics
The US election for dummies
The Last Supper
Sir, why did the chicken cross the road?...
God's inbox
Hell. . .
A Childs Point Of View
Man Is Created
The Worried Father
The Painting
OMG - Zombies! :O
Not sure if this is racist but......
The Greek Priest
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