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Schools worship
Death Penalty and the Church of England
Right or Wrong?
Why creationists SHOULD be debated ...
Doing the right thing versus...
Time to die:
That's a shame..
Ban on marches in Tower Hamlets for 30 days
Subscribing to Internet Media outlets
wrong doing has consequences for the self
The weird ones.
Religion and Urbanicity
The Vatican City
Big Brother
Assisted Suicide
God's Emotions: Why the Biblical God is So Human:
Turning Sceptical
To Believe or Not To Believe
Worship the Deaf Way
Eating blood....
Anti-gay christian group humiliated in court
Challenging Lifestyle
Love Lost - Love regained?
Are arguments about God actually of any use?
Define "Belief"
My final words......
What is the point
Ten Beautiful Lies about Jesus
Muslim for a Month
I'd rather follow these commandments ....
Homophobic people
A Mormon in the White House?
I'll not miss it....
The Last Post.
A new era dawns....
Is celibacy more natural than homosexuality?
Northern Ireland: not again...
If you became a believer?
You know what...
Morality as an argument against God
Just how powerful is God ...
Can The Historian Prove Jesus Rose From The Dead?
The Moral Argument for God
Girls with long hair talk about Evolution:
Beware the Believers....
It's in the Bible, so it must be true
Male Circumcision
Choosing to die
Religious forums
The Reality of the Darkness
Kumaré: A True Film About a False Prophet
A Quote for discussion....
A Pukon Thought For The Day
Why religion is NOT a force for good in the world:
The Fuss about the end of the world
For the record:
"The Big Questions":
Who Says Science has Nothing to Say About Morality?
BBC Mods...
Do we shoot to kill?
The CMB working well today...not.
The "Four Horsemen":
Phelps - That's a Welsh name..
Western Christians & the Persecution Complex
Hell - who is it for?
Pause... rewind... replay... pause... rewind... replay
Before Yahweh?
Pow wow - On atheism, belief and Ray Comfort
Should Creationism Ever Be Taught In Schools?
This is a spoof... Innit?
All things bright and beautiful..
"Who Wrote The Bible and Why It Matters":
Low Entropy to High Entropy
Religious Education
Thread Moved - Pilate the man who killed Christ
Awww Man...
What is something you are thankful for today?
Here's Johnny!
Trying Religion
Could the Beeb Religious Site be improved?
Spinoza's Ethics - On God
Horror Films
Richard Dawkins & Father George Coyne
Religion and computer games
Political Morals
Well and truly pee'd off.....
Ethical Framework
Krishna wasn't born on December 25th...
B & B case - Ruling in favour of Gay couple
Question for Leonard...***
The Census and the British Humanist Association
"Scrap compulsory worship" move
"Unable to display page"
Sod it.....
The Nativity:
The End Times
I am trying to encourage posters from the CTMB to join us
Leroy monitors this 'dreadful' website
The Spirit of Christmas
ByGraceThroughFavour on BBC CT
Playing silly beggars
Have you been banned Lynne?
Minds, Bodies and Souls
The sort of bollocks the Muslim media say about the Jews:
Religion and mental illness
Yes Jesus loves me....
Problems with Priests / Ministers etc... Roman Catholics pray to Angels and Saints?
Did you know this page exists?
Favourite Biblical Passage
CTMB New Look!
What do they hope to achieve?
"Cat becomes a star after Pope blessing":
Nightclubs - reason for moral decline?
Only one nibble
The Bible
Dispatches - In God's Name
The Reality of Heaven
Duck's Thread
Is seeing believing?
Bribary, addiction and 'Project Prevention'.
What if God disappeared?
How long is a generation?
Linguistics of Religion
Divine Domestic Abuse
RE Homework
Gay Marriage
Alpha course
People you Don't Like...
Pinching T8's poll...
What is "clever"?
Book Burning
Random thought on user names!
Atheists Emotionally Dead
Geographical centre of Christianity
Voyage of the Damned - Jewish refugees WWII
Intelligence, Faith and Science... Discuss the meaning...
Can Evolution be called a scientific theory?
Is there a creationist mod at the beeb?
Jehovah's Witnesses versus anti-Witnesses, yawn!
BBC CT Holy Spirit topic today
It's a Misty Conspiricy!!
Einstein on God
aargh! closed for maintenance yet again...
The dooms day Code. Revelation
Moderation question!!
The "Intelligent Design" Puzzle
Request for CTMB After Dark
Theism versus Atheism
Abortions or sterilsation for female drug addicts.
Biblical Developement
Not enough faith?
Unknown science.
The Dumbest Word In The Universe.
You must have heard about this:
"Investigating the Exodus".
Rivals to Jesus:
Religious Faith Killing Babies:
Human interpration = twisted truths = manmade lies.
Is this for real?
Human interpretation = absolute truth:
Act of God
Politics & Faith
We are stardust
A peace offering.
"Pedophile Priests: Abusing Children for Over 2000 Year
Can 3 Year Olds LIE?
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