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'Child-witches' of Nigeria seek refuge
Was Paul speaking for God?
Sin - real or an anachronistic notion?
Remembrance Day
Does Religion Make You Nice?
What is a prayer chair?
Obama the Secularist
Gay Marriage Outlawed in California
What be wisdom?
Obama Acceptance Speech
Horrific Advertising on NGLR
Evidence for God
Cast your votes Ladies and Gentlemen (and Pukon-the-Treen)
Fred Phelps's son is an atheist: Running from hell
A slow but certain demise
God stopping Talking - Thread moved
Barack Obama Exposes The Bible
Priests to face 'sex drive tests'
Row over 'Nazi' embryo law attack
Secularism and Population
The Beeb Hasn't Put Its Clock Back!!!!
Bus adverts
Your Vision of God?
'I have never been happier' says the man . . .
God takes eye off ball at Lourdes (again)
The soul? It may all be in your mind
Deprived Christians
Bill Heine interviews Richard Dawkins on BBC Radio Oxford
Amendment Two
Karen Armstrong Speech: A Charter for Compassion
Good news from Finland
Throwing my Dummy out of the Pram
'Tis enough to make anyone a traditionalist......
Gay calendar challenges Spain's Catholic Church
Cardinal seeks loophole to continue discriminating ...
Religion a figment of human imagination
Catholic bigot says secularism is more dangerous than ...
Wacky wymynpryst wannabes wend way to Wome
Legal case against God dismissed
A 21st century exorcist
You Don't KNOW, You Only Believe!
Why Atheists Care About YOUR Religion
Warring monks threaten destruction . . .
Religion vs science:
Police pour into Mosul to protect Christians..
Thread:And God said, Never rely upon what you think you know
Topic: A question for Lynne has gone
Pope: Millions losing their religion and declaring God dead
The Nature of Hell and Satan's Role in it
Camp Quest
The Question...
Ohhh FFS.
Katys Big Ass Show on itv2
Militant 'Christians'
Creationist Adnan Oktar offers trillion-pound . . .
Plato and Plagiarism
Magnificent article (euthanasia)
Fundamentalism Tarnishes Religion
They Are Closing Threads On The CTMB!
Surviving Waco
The camp that 'cures' homosexuality
Religulous out now
Homosexuals should carry warning tattoos, says chaplain
The Rival to the Bible
Abortion bill's rights 'breach'
Making Excuses For God!
Atheist group sues Bush over national prayer day
If God is female
Christian group calls for a Christian university in Britain
Should Holocaust Denial Be A Crime In the UK?
Believing in God?
Abbreviated Nativity Story
God's Word?
Evidence or proof?
God of Contradictions
God is not a lucky charm
The old Mithras myth
Big questions and science
Bill Maher on the "Daily Show"
God Loves Atheists
Welcome to Saudi Britain
"The Problem of Evil"
The Voice of God?
Abelard and contemplation
Debate: Would We Be Better Off Without Religion?
The dream that God showed me his way in.
The Lord says-" Ask me a Question..."
The Truth!
Proverbs 22:
Virgin Daughters!
What century is it again? pt. 344
Pope: Religion has a place in politics
Archbishop condemns city traders
Catholic maternity wards 'face closure if abortion law . . .
Psychiatric Disorders
How would you describe "faith"?
nglreturns ...
Art Teacher made student pray to Jesus for forgiveness
Come home!
Would A 21st Century Jesus Be Anymore Acceptable?
Isn't it interesting ...
The Office Of Pope
Inside the Medieval mind:
Does faith have a place in medicine?
On Church and State
From Crime and Punishment
Good Grief...
God, Evolution and Charles Darwin
Have you planned your funeral?
Peter Popoff - "Faith Healer"
Good Works
Eating Humans!
"I don't believe that believers really believe"
This is Angelique. She wanted to die with dignity
Creationism in Britain
Who are the three Lurkers or is that sherkers?
Pope condemns 'pagan' love of money, power
To talk - or not to talk...
Church makes ‘ludicrous’ apology to Darwin
Just Trust Me. (((Thanks Steve.)))
On heaven....
Religion is a bureaucracy between man and god:
Bill Maher coined the phrase "Invisible Friend"
Comedian Sabina Guzzanti 'insulted Pope' in gay devils gag
Bill Maher skewers the Pope
Hell is an invention of the Church
Is this right?
Terry Waite
Hey Shakes, wot r u doin wiv this forum My grans t dance...
Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends : Christianity . . .
Creationism should be taught in science classes, says expert
Every dew drop has heaven in it
A Kick in the Testaments
Computer Games
God on Trial
Christianity and art
What are the odds on this happening?
"God only SEEMS non existent" by EdwardCurrent
Old Habits
???? spirit????Faith???
Religious Voting?
Secularism and democracy in Ireland
Islams war on freedom
Lenin on St. Francis of Assisi
Undercover Mosque
A problem with conversions....?
Gospel of the twelve
The Ark of the Covenant
A Jewish view on Genesis & Science
Humanism to be added to GCSE religious studies
Probably a question for ManicMethodist.....
Interfaith marriages (long)
Church holds service over communion wafer desecration
What is your faith (or lack of faith) background?
Are forums really a good place for believers?
Can you educate to do no wrong?
Arkansas will vote on Homosexual Adoption
Donating Organs between faiths...
Beauty Pagent for Nuns
Religious Education
The Right to Worship
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