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All faiths and none
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Atheist minister?
Blasphemy Day
What seems obvious to you..
Signs Of The End Is All Around Us.
Getting kicked out.....
Quaker History
Could religion survive contact with aliens?
Religious affiliation in the USA continues to dwindle ...
Gender divide in religious belief, survey suggests
A visitation sort of not from on high......
Intelligent Life
I have no wish to do it your way may be?
What is your basis for belief in an afterlife?
Has science created any thing new yet?
Where is perfection?
This video is decades old..
The heavens intensly hot
Brain pollution
Egypt and Blind speculation
Whos right is it
Elimination of the sick and the weak
Is religion about preaching..
Evolution is a fact...
The road back from Damascus
3D printers
Truth and Belief
Hebrew or Aramaic?
Secret Halal Meat
Biblical knowledge
The non relig. Japanese version of the Burka for both sexes
Thinking ill of the dead
Everyone is relevant to someone.
Who'd 'ave thunk it...
Will bite you on the arse..
Inside the minds of internet trolls..
Reopen the bearpit.
Denmark bans religious slaughter
Vegetarian recipes
Reporter defends gay footballer
Setting Scripture in context
Offence/censorship/naked cowardice
Religiosity in the USA
where's the power?
Here's a challenge for you Floo:
'M&S religious drinks rules apology'
"... my human gave to me.."
Where's Santa?
Child training
The toxic mix of religion & politics in the USA
what is a 'proper childhood
The Oatmeal
"The Nativity"
Atheist Hijacks nae Comforts twitter account...
Sam Harris
Jesus taught about the apocalypse in the real Gospels..
So, was Jesus a Jew?
I don't get it...
Are You like Jesus...
Christian group punishes disobedience
Where does this belong?
Another result for religion.
Evolution for Dummies :
Are there wrong/mistaken/untrue ideas in theology?
'Science progresses, religion does not'
Does Christianity promote life..
Results or Reason?
The decline of Education:
Jesus Had Two Dads...
So, why leave?
Does it work like it should?
You know what..
The defeasibility test
Probability/likelihood of gods
You're not entitled to your opinion.
The Science Delusion.
USA: acceptance of naturalistic evolution rises
Sharing the Joy
Christianity in Cairo:
Playing rugby 'can cause early onset dementia'
Thought experiment re: morality
Why isn't water free?
'Sunday' on Radio 4
Widdecombe: "Atheism rational & thought-through&
The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense
Belief in God
A sign of the times
Canada abandoning organized religion
MPs want curbs on 'unacceptable' religious slaughter
The scientific universe and the religious universe
If scientific theories were like religions:
Are religions unfair to women?
What is Love?
Scottish humanist weddings to outnumber religious ones
Shaker's Law
Child Abuse ?
Risk of 'religiously illiterate children' - report
Religious belief may not necessarily be innate
Fuck it..
Tweeting Clergy
To take a look
Why did they not identify the Messiah?
2013 for the Anglicans, Catholics and Evangelicals
Faith as a gift from God
Pope Benedict XVI resigns
Poor use of the Atheists Time
Why do we let them get away with it?
Death and Inevitable death.
(A certain type of) religious belief in a nutshell
"The Face of Creation"
Christmas Message
Santa is Jewish
Religion in Britain - 2011 census results
The End of Britain.
The Reason for the Season:
Heaven Hotter than Hell?
Jesus depicted as waving his wand around:
Is it just me..
Why religion is a cancer on humankind
What happens..
Could you please define ''Jew'' and ''Gentile''?
The Big Bang - Is There Room For God?
Jeremy Hunt and abortion
Are you still curious?
Is it weird?
Why Do We Pray?
Which is the correct religion?
Do you believe in Ghosts?
The Bible and abortion
Muslim Hypocrisy
Homosexuality - the work of the devil
Rosh Hashanah: Science v's Religion.
Gay Marriage
Britains poor need help - now
Enhancements in Sport
Is there too much ignorance about science?
Drug Treatment - has society got it wrong?
Tax Avoidance - is it morally wrong
Facts Mormons Won't Tell You When They Come Knocking
Are you a None?
"Our Forum, Your Forum"
The Question
The Still Pool
holy spirit v spirit of holiness?
1 Corinthians 13:
A dilemma
Can people be possessed by demons?
Logically - you must believe in God..
Is free will an illusion?
Religion and Age
Did Jesus Exist?
A Psalm
Heroic attempts to educate the weak:
Born Again:
Ancestor Worship:
I'll tell you something funny..
Evil spirits?
Bourn again problem.
Psychology the new religion
Adam, A Reality or Allegory
Being wrong
Cliff Richard..
Spiritual Intelligence
Vatican investigation into Ealing abuse
The future of belief
Restaurant Conversation
Organ Donation
Standing on the Shore
Stem Cell Research
People getting far too worked up
Personality and Belief in God Survey
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