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Other beliefs

Do you believe in astrology, ghosts, monsters, that the future can be predicted, good and bad luck, that things are predestined, etc? Anything out of the ordinary?

Theoretically it's possible for atheists to believe in such things: the only thing atheists don't believe in is gods, so yes, technically you can be an atheist and believe in astrology, alien abduction, ghoulies and ghosties, etc. Doubtless this applies to a very small subset of atheists. But in general, atheism is generally associated with (and in fact in practice, like it or not, is inseparable from) scepticism and rationalism, so overwhelmingly these things are held to the same standard of evidence as gods and found wanting.

In my religious days, upto late teens, I believed in a number of such beliefs but dumped everything wholesale over a short period. I have to say at times I am still tempted to believe in "bad luck". A fair number of times I have had lots of hassle and while everything finally worked out in the end, it was hard work before it did. Forum Index -> Atheist chat
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