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I thought this might be a bit of fun.

I have come across a site that allows you to add glitter to your pictures, crop them etc and it appears to be free.

I thought it might be fun for posters to put up their own photos, creations and have our own posters "Art Gallery".

Of course you could use any software to create it.

I think the only rule is it should be your own work and if you use an existing image/ picture you should say.

If anyone can find an even better artistic site for other posters to use that would be great!


What a good idea Rose - I will try it later when I have more time.

Agreed good idea! I'm afraid I've never got the hang of posting images so I'll just have to see what other people come up with! I haven't even got the hang of organising the photos on my computer and managed to mess one up when trying to post it on here.

However my avatar is an example of my own creative endeavours but it took me ages to put it up one day when I was in the mood to do battle with my stubborn computer.

It's of one of my UFOs (Quilter speak for projects which have run aground ie UnFinished Objects.) We all have loads of them .... now you see why my walk in cupboard is so essential (see my comment on the 'Good thread'.)

This thread will take awhile to show a creation as it takes a while with lots of fiddling about.

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