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Preaching Another Christ an Orthodox view on Evangelicalism

But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent

deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your

minds may be corrupted from the simplicity

that is in Christ.

For if he who comes preaches another Jesus

whom we have not preached, or if you receive

a different spirit which you have not received,

or a different gospel which you have not

accepted-you may well put up with it!

(2 Corinthians 11:3-4)

He is telling you, "Christ was crucified for you. You must believe in Him to be saved."

But do you not confess exactly the same thing every day when you recite the Creed?

"I believe in one God ... and in One Lord, Jesus Christ ... who for us men and for our salvation came down from heaven and was incaranted of the Holy Spirit and of the Virgin Mary, and became man. Crucified for us ..."

Do you not confess the same thing when chanting in Church":

"O only-begotten Son and Word of God ... crucified Christ our God ... save us"; or
"Come let us bow and fall down before Christ our King and God"; or
"Joyful light of the holy glory ... Son of God, giver of life"

Do you not confess the same thing when partaking in the Divine Liturgy itself, the remembrance by repetition of the bloodless sacrifice that took place on Golgotha for our salvation?

THEN, if you agree with the above, what new thing do you find in the words of this stranger and why are you ready to abandon all previous things and go after them, not quite knowing where they are leading you? Can you be quite sure that this new road you choose is the correct one?

It is absurd ... since up until now you were taking care of your salvation diligently in peace and quiet, along with the rest of the brethren. Suddenly, this stranger shows up and begins repeating just one of the many teachings of our Church ... And you turn your attention to him?? You were impressed and ready to abandon it all to follow them ...

Has it never crossed your mind to wonder whether their behaviour, as well as yours, is right?

Anyone with the appreciation for the work of salvation will consider you to be completely foreign to the spiritual life ...

You write: "He constantly speaks about our Lord Jesus Christ and His saving Sacrifice. He speaks with enthusiasm. He is pleasant to listen to and attracts us all the more"

Have you examined if what he says is heterodox Or do you think to yourselves that since he speaks with such enthusiams and intellect about our Christ that he must certainly be one of our own, walking in truth and preaching the truth.

You were attracted by all this and fell into the hoax.

He is a heretic ... He may well be preaching about salvation in Christ, but not in the way that Christ Himself and hte holy Apostles taught us. He may well be speaking with enthusiasm, but all this does not mean that his words are the truth.

Rather, it reveals that he is completely given over to his own deception and fights for it as though it were the only truth, while it is in fact, a mix of heretical and erroneous belief ...

Is all this unknown to you?
Do you not know whose disciple he is?

Judge the disciple by his teacher ...

In the beginning, there was One Church with one, true faith.

But temptation set in.

The pope of Rome, through sophistries of his own invention, fell away from the Church and the Faith. This constitutes the first degree of the fall into falsehood and darkness.

From the Roman Catholics, the Protestants sprang forth, who, through more sophistries of their own invention, fell into deception and broke away from the Roman Catholic church. This constitutes the second degree of the fall into falsehood and darkness.

Later, the Anglican sophistry sprang forth. This constitutes the third degree of the fall into falsehood and darkness.

Finally, individual men spring forth from these who lead many astray through their own self-sophistiries and carry themselves and others into deception. This consitutes the fourth degree of the fall ...

Four degrees removed from the original church as founded by Christ himself and his holy Apostles.

This is the degree that heretical preachers of yours go from soul to soul deceiving you away from the authentic holy and apostolic church. These are the preachers you appreciate so much and these are the preachers that you are proud of!

The truth of God, the whole, pure and saving truth is to be found neither in the Roman Catholics, or the Protestants or in the Anglicans or self proclaimed individuals it is to be found only in the One, True Church, the Orthodox church ... The others may well believe that they possess the truth but, in reality, they are far from it.

The Roman Catholics, who are the first to split from the Church, consider the truth to be on their side. The Protestants who protested against the RC failure on a score of points, failed themselves to return to the truth and, in fact, strayed from it even further than the former ....

None established their faith upon God's truth but upon heretical sophistries of their own invention ... No matter how much they claim to be right they are all very far from the truth. Forum Index -> Other religions
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