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Pseudo-Christian sects.

With the death of Moon, yet another pseudo-Christian sect has to re-invent himself. Moon prophesied he'd make it to a hundred.
Another one bites the dust.
The worrying trend to hold up the work of men like Moon, Russell, Smith, Koresh, etc as prophets and spokespeople for God, founders of yet more 'true churches', never ceases to sadden me.
It seems as if these people, and those who idolise them and their teachings, want more than there is in the Scriptures.
Why do they coalesce around these figures, many of whom became either suspiciously rich, or spawned sucessors who built up their cults, and in the process became suspiciously rich?

I suspect if you find the answer, you also find the root of the celebrity culture.

People seem to like charismatic figures. They believe in them.
With many, once the person has died, history looks with a bit more realism at their actions, but some continue to impact after death.
Honey 56

I think it is a very sinister thing to brainwash and control the mind of trusting and naive people.

All of these people have one thing in common, and this should sound alarm bells, they deny the Diety of our Lord Jesus Christ, and they seek to take His place in the devotees heart, Jesus should be the most important and central thing, His teaching as recorded in the scriptures should be all that we need, nothing else is required.

This is straight from the heart of satan, it was his desire to recieve the love and devotion that rightly belongs to Almighty God, the difference is, when you love Almighty God it's because He first loves you, when you love satan he hates you.
This is precisely how these cult leaders can treat their followers with such cruelty and control.

And why we as Christians, cannot be silent about it.

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