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Shaker - For Information

Hi all

Just to let you know that I have been in touch with Shaker as he has been missing for awhile and it was unusual for me not to hear from him on here or over at R & E.

It turns out he has been very ill and bedridden for the last three weeks (no real idea what yet) but he is hopefully seeing his GP tomorrow so will have a clearer picture then.

Will update you if I hear more.

Thank you for the update.

Hope he's on the mend soonest.

Oh dear, hope it's nothing serious. Give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Further update:

Suspected anaemia - has been admitted to hospital - but is unusually feeling better.

He will text me when they've done tests and prodded around.

Poor Shaker  

Thanks for the update TV.   Hope he's soon fighting fit and can imagine the hugest juiciest bunch of cyber get-well grapes.

And send a bunch of asparagus wrapped in spinach leaves from me.  

Well at least being a self confessed womaniser he'll enjoy flirting with the nurses  Forum Index -> Announcements
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