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Slightly rude ...

... but not very (and believe me, I could ... I could  :twisted: )

A man with a huge shiner of a black eye gets onto a train over in the US and sits down next to another man engrossed in a magazine. Glancing briefly at him he's amazed to notice that, by an almost incredible coincidence, the stranger has a massive black eye as well. He taps him on the arm and says, "Excuse me, I don't like to pry, but I can't help noticing we both have a black eye. D'you mind me asking how you came by yours?"

The man reddens and shifts uncomfortably in his seat. "Oh ... well ... I was at the station this morning, and as I got to the counter I couldn't help noticing that the girl behind has the most massive knockers. I couldn't take my eyes off them. She asked me what I wanted: I meant to say I wanted a return ticket to Pittsburgh, but what I actually said was a return ticket to Tittsburgh. I couldn't help it - it just slipped out. How'd you get yours?"

"Oh, kinda similar. I was having breakfast with my wife this morning and I meant to say 'Could you pass me the waffles, please,' but what actually came out was 'You've ruined my entire life, you fat, ugly old bitch.'
The Littlest Homo

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